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GreenBid offers a turnkey iOS application geared towards the Trade Services that allows you to quickly and easily produce beautiful estimates & bids for your clients. With a few taps of your fingers, you can produce a custom Estimate for a job, deliver it to the Client immediately via email or print a copy right from your iOS device (AirPrint capable printer required) for those Clients that prefer to have a paper copy in-hand. At any time, press the Sync button in GreenBid Settings and download the latest packs of Trades, services and products (called Widgets) to customize your Estimates for your particular type of business. Each device "remembers," via the built-in database, every Estimate it created and even allows you to easily modify existing Estimates when Clients inevitably change their minds.

Create - Edit - Charge - Send!


 Create - Edit - Charge - Send!


Take us for a test run: GreenBid is a free download with full access to generate as many Estimates as you like, so feel free to install and play with the various settings before you subscribe. A paid subscription of $19.99 a month gives you the ability to electronically deliver Estimates to your Clients, back up & export your data and even charge your Clients' major credit cards directly within the GreenBid app, to be deposited directly into your bank account via Stripe Connect*.

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*Stripe account required to run in-app charges (https://stripe.com/). Bank deposit schedule in accordance with your applicable Stripe Agreement. Additional GreenBid transaction fee (1.5%) applies to all In-App payments processed within the application. See GreenBid Terms of use for details (http://greenbid.net/greenbid-terms-of-use).

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